Estate Planning Designed To Make An Impact

For something as important as your legacy, it’s prudent to seek expert assistance. Estate planning that ensures your loved ones and favorite charities are taken care of is a worthwhile endeavor, but it takes ongoing diligence to ensure beneficiaries are up to date, roles and responsibilities are clear and your documents reflect your wishes.

If you’d like to establish a trust, we can collaborate with trust professionals to capture your vision for your estate*. There are a variety of trusts chosen for a multitude of reasons. Parents of special needs children can use a specialized trust vehicle, as can grandparents who want to provide for the education of their grandchildren or give to a favorite nonprofit.

There’s also the role of life insurance to consider. In addition to providing immediate funds at a time when they are needed, there are various strategies for using life insurance in an estate plan that we can assist with.

For the charitably inclined, our team can help maximize your impact through a number of vehicles and strategies. Working together with your other professional advisors, we can help you design a lasting legacy in your community that works together with your overall wealth management plan.

* Offered through Raymond James Trust, N.A., an affiliate of Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.